The purpose of life is in finding Truth. Materialistic things don't matter, but are a result of our Not Knowing
This is the essence of evil - The order to devolve us into consumers
That perpetual motion of endeavor that ultimately gets us off this planet and into the universe
Thus, evil propagates
It's prefect in its simplicity
- The Order -

There is little difference between God and Satan
That small difference is a World apart
- The Reflection -

Seeing Is Believing? No! Believing Is Seeing


We first survived and transitioned from the evolution of the Mind (Old Testament), followed by the Passion of The Heart (New Testament)
We now are in the final trial period of the Body/Metabolism (unwritten Testimony)
How we fare this last test will decide whether we, as a species, are worthy of propagating other planets
It's a moral/ethical mystery, not a scientific dilemma
If we fail, we perish
This time, we will not perish.